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Wpuff Nano

With its new puff flavors and innovative design, it offers a unique experience. Its practicality, meticulous design and efficiency guarantee maximum pleasure in a compact format.

Our CBD Dab Pens

Weedeo rechargeable Dab Pen battery

9.90 €

This rechargeable battery for CBD Dab Pod is a dedicated USB charger that allows you to use the CBD cartridge of your choice. Discover a vape with multiple effects and possibilities !

Our CBD Sweets

Liquideo Station, the reference in vaping !

An e-shop devoted to vaping and all its products, Liquideo Station is your exclusive supplier of Wpuffs and CBD Vape Pens with their exclusive flavours ! On this page you’ll find Wpuff novelties with all aromas and tastes, disposable electronic cigarettes devoted to convenient and fun vaping !

Try out our selection of CBD Dab Pens, an alternative to e-cigarettes, and vape CBD Wax, a pure hemp extract ! And if you have a sweet tooth, try our range of CBD sweets with their tasty scents and relaxing effects !

A complete Wpuff range for a fun and varied vape !

On Liquideo Station, the reference website for electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) whether disposable or classic, you can leisurely discover the whole range of Liquideo Wpuffs and savour all the puff-taste cigarettes. Every electronic cigarette (Wpuff, Puffs or Vape Pen) is available in several types and nicotine rates :

  • The 0 % nicotine Wpuffs : to enjoy vaping with a disposable cigarette, full of flavours and without tobacco’s toxicity.  

  • The 0.9 % nicotine Wpuffs : ideal puffs for coming off cigarettes progressively, with a low nicotine rate. 

  • The 1.7 % nicotine Wpuffs : e-cigarettes for a classic use, combining vaping effects and original flavours. 

  • The CBD nicotine-free Wpuffs : for a disposable, convenient vape, combining original flavours and CBD effects.

Liquideo Wpuffs are also available in several formats : Wpuff 600 electronic cigarettes : for a 600-puff average vape. Wpuff 2K : allowing 2000 puffs each. 

A fun vape thanks to the Puff taste !

Every taste, every vape for everyone ! 

On Liquideo Station, find the Wpuff exclusive tastes, for a vape that suits your every mood ! 

Looking for a specific Wpuff flavour ? Discover more than 40 original tastes for an original and fun vape thanks to the puff taste ! 

To fulfill all your desires, Liquideo has been developing puffs with various tastes : Iced-grape aroma puffs, Banana, Strawberry Ice Cream, Mango, Mint, Red berries, Ice Cream Cookie, Apple and many more tastes to discover !

The CBD Dab Pen, a vaping experience with powerful effects !

On Liquideo Station, discover a range of CBD Dab Pens designed to combine cannabidiol’s effects with vaping pleasure ! 

CBD Wax (a pure extract of legal hemp) is contained in these Dab Pens. At every puff, a tasty and exclusive aroma along with the benefits of CBD. 

Try our Dab Pens with CBD flavours (Amnesia Kush, Lemon Haze, Orange Bud flower), as well as CBD Dab Pens with specific effects (painkillers, concentration, sleep etc.) !

Vape your CBD Wpuff !

A new series of Wpuff designed by Liquideo, CBD Wpuffs incorporate extracts of legal hemp for a relaxing and healthy vaping pleasure thanks to cannabidiol’s effects. 

The CBD Wpuffs are available in 600-puff format with extracts of flowers Grand Daddy Purple, Gorilla Kush, Purple Punch and 3 novelties including Puffs with the famous OG Kush flower. 

Discover an innovating vaping experience, combination of exclusive and tasty scents of Puff tastes with relaxing properties of CBD flowers.

FAQ : We answer your questions about vaping and CBD

Etymologically linked to the English word puff, the Wpuff is a disposable electronic cigarette, holding a dose of e-liquid allowing a definite number (600 or 2000) of puffs.

 The Wpuff consists in a “pod”, a single-use battery and a resistance allowing the vaporization of the e-liquid and therefore of the puffs. Technically speaking, the e-cigarette’s battery relays energy to the Wpuff’s resistance that heats up the e-liquid till its vaporization. 

After inhaling, the process of the e-liquid vaporization takes place automatically in a Wpuff, unlike what happens in a « classic » cigarette. Wpuffs are also more convenient than standard electronic cigarettes since they can be used directly without any upkeep of its components (such as the reservoir or the battery, in the case of a classic e-cigarette) or the refill of e-liquid to enjoy new puffs. 

In a nutshell, Wpuffs are an original method to enjoy vaping pleasures, with different aromas and flavours, in a practical way and alternative way to other electronic cigarettes, at a competitive price.

Wpuffs are disposable electronic cigarettes allowing a definite number of puffs. They’re available in nicotine-free versions or holding a 0.9 or 1.7 % nicotine rate within the e-liquid. 

Aside from the nicotine (for the last two versions), the e-liquid of a Wpuff consists in vegetable glycerin, glycol propylen and aromas, harmless components before or after the vaporization takes place in the Wpuff. 

Unlike classic cigarettes, Wpuffs contain no chemical products (tar, ammonia etc.) potentially harmful to the consumer’s health.

A CBD Vape Pen (also called Dab Pen) is a tool allowing vaporization of CBD Wax, a pure hemp extract. Unlike a standard electronic cigarette or a Wpuff, it allows a combustion-free vape, delivering CBD’s aromas and benefits. 

On Liquideo Station, you’ll find a range of Dab Pen with exclusive scents, to enjoy flavoured puffs with the salutary effects of CBD !

French law states that any product derived from hemp (cannabis) cannot exceed the rate of 0.3 % THC to be considered legal. 

Dab Pens, CBD Wpuffs and CBD sweets available on Liquideo Station respect this legal rate and are subject to lab analyses in France, in order to guarantee and certify the quality as well as the legality of the products.



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