Lemon E Liquids 

Lemon flavour e liquid is one of the most popular choices available. Excellent when used as a standalone flavour but also when infused with complementary ingredients such as vanilla, mint and even champagne. 

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The Lemon E Liquid Collection at Liquideo

At Liquideo we stock a number of lemon liquids for use in your electronic cigarette including those with a simple uplifting lemon aroma as well as others infused with additional scents and flavours. Our lemon range includes our stunningly designed bottles including Mustang (Green Lemon, PG/VG 50/50Malika (Green Lemon & Mint, PG/VG 50/50) and Sherkhan (Lemon & Aniseed, PG/VG 70/30). Further lemony e-liquids include the popular and elegant Think Churchill (Lemon with Champagne, Ginseng, Almond and Vanilla), Einstein (Lemon with Mint, Pepper and Cucumber) and for those who like the simpler things in life, Liquideo e-liquid flavour Citron Sorbet (PG/VG 50/50). Our lemon e liquid bottles are available to buy in singles or packs of five/15.