Eucalyptus E-liquids 

France's leading e-liquid brand, Liquideo boasts a range of e-liquid flavours, specially designed by our passionate, expert producers. Each has its own rich, unique taste, for your electronic cigarette. Discover the rich aroma of eucalyptus e-liquid : one of our favorite. 

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The rich aroma of eucalyptus E liquid

Eucalyptus has been famed for its therapeutic properties for millennia, and now you can enjoy its soothing taste and smell with an e-liquid in the flavour of eucalyptus. Taken from the blue gum tree, the powerful extract of eucalyptus is expertly combined with red fruit and black grapes in XBud Tatoo Pink Dragon, part of our eucalyptus e liquid range. The mixture creates a subtle aniseed flavour, balancing the strength of the eucalyptus with a cooling final note. Other products in the range include Xbud Tattoo Pink Dragon X5 and X15.