Joyetech electronic cigarette  

Joyetech is an innovative vape brand, originally forming in 2007. Focusing their attention on development and research, they now offer a wide range of electronic cigarette and vape devices, for beginner’s and experienced vapers alike. 

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EGO AIO Electronic Cigarette Joyetech - Perfect for Beginners! 

An all-in-one device, this electronic cigarette Joyetech combines petite size with style, allowing you to enjoy large plumes of vapour but without the hassle of having to carry around a big box device. Although small, the AIO e-cigarette Joyetech packs a powerful punch, with a 1500 mAh battery and TPD compliant 2.0 ml tank. A number of colours and finishes are available, and the smart device offers a number of protection features, including a battery protection circuit system, preventing it from overcharging. Even the mouthpiece has been designed for the perfect vape experience, a spiralled design inserted within it to offer more security and added flavour.