CBD E-liquids Weedeo 

Weedeo CBD e-liquids by Liquideo are created and formulated in our Parisian laboratory. Our chemist and flavourist expert team are careful to their quality and preparation so each vaper can enjoy his pleasure of vaping without any problems or danger.

Let us surprise you with our variety of aromatic profiles of hemp replicated to perfection. Comfort, relaxation and absolute pleasure.

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What is CBD?

CBD is a molecule from the cannabinoid family naturally present in the cannabis plant like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). But unlike THC, CBD as no psychoactive effects. It does not provoke any effects on the nervous system and is used in numerous comestible products as well as cosmetics and oils. CBD is nor toxic or addictive, which makes it a component very well appreciated from vapers. These two components are consequently very different from one another.

In France, the law authorizes CBD liquids to contain no more than 0,2% of THC, having absolutely no physical or mental impact.

Natural CBD extraction

The CBD used for our Weedeo products are from a CO2 extraction called “supercritical”. This extraction method is known to be the most secure, cleanest and finest. To ensure an optimal quality of e-liquid we select CBD from hemp plants exclusively cultivated and transformed in Europe, within full respect of current legislations.


Terpenes are aromatic essences made by cannabis but also by other plants. They are different than classic aromas and gives to one variety its own olfactory identity and influences also its colour. In contact with CBD, terpenes liberate all their powers and multiply the flavours of the e-liquid. Therefore, we have recreated the most appreciated profiles on the market to guarantee you an authentic and delicious vaping moment. Vaping CBD is the guarantee to obtain a real pleasure in full disclosure and without any risks for your health.

FAQ – CBD liquids

Liquideo is a company located in France, specialized in the marketing of electronic cigarettes, liquids for electronic cigarettes and other products related with the vape universe. Among the products on our shop online, you’ll find all the CBD liquids from the Weedeo collection which is an exquisite one to vape. Explore all their particularities, their content and do not hesitate to give us your opinion.

CBD e-liquids from the Weedeo collection made in France, great authentic flavours

Liquideo offers CBD liquids Weedeo, a renown label for its loyal natural extractions. Made to be vaped with an electronic cigarette, the CBD liquids by Weedeo contain terpenes, and constitute the result of a natural technique employed to realize the extraction on hemp cultures; even though it is best to precise that these CBD liquids do not replace cannabis or any medication. We have made the choice not to use terpenes from hemp plants but exclusively terpenes from fruits or plants. This enables to produce a CBD e-liquid of premium quality, cheaper than some of our competition. In this catalogue of 9 products with a 10ml content, you’ll find a variety of flavours more on the fruity side, including citruses or even mango with a PG/VG of 80/20 or 100/0. Furthermore, 10ml bottles are available with CBD dosages of 500, 300, 100, 30 or 30 mg of CBD in 10ml. Terpenes from fruits are supposed to soften the vape and to give you an extra natural pleasure.

What is CBD or cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol is a molecular component classed among the cannabinoids, we can count a hundred of them. Found in the industrial hemp or in the sativa Cannabis, this cannabinoid is composed of elements potentially able to act on the nervous system. However, unlike THC, another cannabinoid well-known and active in the hemp plant, this one does not present any euphoric effect, by not being a psychotropic. CBD and cannabis do not have the same signification. This must be one of the reasons why it is not counted among the substances governed by the law. Instead, cannabidiol offers therapeutic applications on which scientists have leaned on for 10 years. Consequently, cannabidiol has recently been implicated in treatments for epilepticus disorders, anxiety or psychosis.

Is it possible to create your own CBD liquid?

Yes! By using CBD booster and considering the diverse components according to the final dosage of cannabidiol wanted. For example, to obtain a liquid with 100mg of cannabidiol, simple use 8,7ml of PG/VG base, 0,3ml of aroma and 1ml of 100mg CBD booster or 2ml of 500mg CBD booster. For a blend of 300mg, you will need the same components but with 3,7ml for a PG/VG base, 0,3ml of aroma (of course, like said before you chose the aroma of your choice), and 6ml of 500mg booster or 3ml of 1000mg booster. To make this preparation, besides the components, you can use a graduated syringe and empty 10ml bottles. Please note that after obtaining the mix, you need to wait 48 hours of maturation if you used a cannabis aroma.

Does CBD have a negative impact on your body?

If you consume CBD by inhalation, you will most probably notice mild irritation and a “hit” that is totally natural. This “hit” is like the one you can have with nicotine, the difference stands within the time, it does last a bit longer, sometimes up to 10 seconds. Depending on your sensitivity you see where your limit stands. Also, it is possible to feel signs of sleepiness after using a CBD liquid. Once again, everything depends of your sensitivity to the product. Nevertheless, taking count of these effects, it is discouraged to consume a CBD liquid before a professional activity or before driving. We remind you, to guarantee an optimal quality of our CBD Weedeo liquids, we assemble and produce them in our own laboratories in France.

What is the right dosage for a CBD e-liquid?

The effects linked to inhaling a CBD liquid varies from one person to another. There are no standards on how to choose your CBD e-liquid; the sensation will depend more on how many times you consume cannabinoids. It is best that you take time exploring progressively the effects it might have on you. Alternatively, the dosage you’re going to chose will depend of the electronic cigarette you use. For a cigarette vaporizing a big quantity of e-liquid you will need to prioritize a low dosage. Then, depending on the frequency of your consumption wherever it might be high or low, the dosage that ill suit you most should be chosen from low to high.

Why inhale cannabidiol?

The main point of cannabidiol comes from its bioavailability. This concept shows the result obtained by the ratio of the quantity of molecule absorbed by the body on the total volume consumed. Concerning the CBD e-liquid, if it’s consumed via an intravenous injection, the bioavailability measured is normally of 100%; but during an ingestion, the level diminishes to 8% and it is at 20% if you proceed by inhalation. This last method of consumption offers a better absorption of the molecule, compared with the ingestion. Likewise, it offers a higher transmission speed of the sensorial signals of the brain. In addition, cannabidiol constitutes a good ally for the vape because the vaporization happens when temperatures are at the same stage of when you use an electronic cigarette.

How to vape when you use a CBD liquid?

CBD e-liquids are suitable for all types of electronic cigarettes. To choose the model that will be best for you it will depend of your vaping habits and if you prefer inhaling directly or indirectly. However, it is important that you consider the “hit” that can provoke a CBD e-liquid and that is like nicotine. In case of a too powerful “hit”, the best thing to do is to reduce the power or boost the coil of your electronic cigarette. The fact is that CBD gives to the e-liquid a stronger taste. Consequently, the optimal choice is not to use an electronic cigarette delivering too much e-liquid.

Is it possible to develop a dependency regarding a CBD e-liquid for an electronic cigarette?

In principle, cannabidiol does not present any psychoactive effects. Consequently, consuming some does not lead to a release of dopamine, contrarily to what can happen with nicotine from a tobacco derivative. An addiction to cannabidiol should then have difficulty to develop. Nevertheless, in case this should happen, the addictive character would show at a very low level. But of course, this does not prevent the suggestion of consuming with moderation any CBD e-liquids. CBD stays an excellent substitute to tobacco.

How does CBD acts?

The action of a CDB e-liquid targets some receptors in the nervous system, in other words those who are situated in the endocannabinoid system also called SEC. At first, this system made of CB1 and CB2 receptors, is intended to receive cannabinoids that the body produces on its own; anandamides, who play an important role for the well-being, are an example. Furthermore, it can also be stimulated by molecules from the cannabinoid family, like THC or cannabidiol. Contrarily to THC, cannabidiol does not act directly on the SEC receptors. It has instead an elimination effect of the fatty-acid amide hydrolase enzyme or FAAH, that is supposed to regulate anandamides. The anandamides level increases, consequently experiencing the drunkenness of a runner, a feeling that often arises after an intense effort. At the same time, CBD acts also on the 5-HT1A receptor, which is implicated in the way that everyone feels pain, anxiety or even symptoms of lack.

Is it possible to be tested positive after vaping a CBD e-liquid?

Drug screening tests are made to be positive only if THC is present in the system. This way, if you have vaped an electronic cigarette with a CBD liquid composed of pure crystals, you won’t be tested positive is you pass a drug screening test. But this can happen if your CBD liquid is pure or if you consume a big quantity of cannabidiol oil. However, it is important to remind you that it is strongly discouraged to drive after having consumed a CBD liquid.

Can a CBD liquid help me solve my insomnia problems?

CBD e-liquid can indeed act on harmless disorders related to the lack of sleep, by making drowsiness easier. However, CBD liquids are not medication, so CBD would not be able to treat a long-term insomnia. You should then see a doctor to make sure your insomnia is not an illness. In the same way, CBD liquids are more likely to act on stress or to stop smoking. But once again this e-liquid of CBD is not a medication and it is always necessary to see a doctor to be sure about your disorders. Do not forget that when you vape it is for pleasure and not to get well.

What CBD flavour to choose?

Our Weedeo CBD liquids distinguish themselves by each reference unique tastes. They are focused on natural based aromas, and we have extracted fruit terpenes like lemon, orange or even mango or other plants. Each vaper has their own opinion and preferences: -Lemon OG: It characterizes itself by its citruses aromas. A flavour full of sunshine. -Orange Buds: It distinguishes itself by its touch of clementine and sour orange, perfect for a boosted vape. -Amnesia Kush: The feeling of having a walk in the Jamaican forests after the rain. For those who like the smell of pure hemp will be surprised by the perfect replica. -Mango Haze: the sweetest and the softest, less bitter than the Orange Buds, with a strong flavour of mango.