CBD Sweets

Enjoy CBD’s effects with a tasty and fun mode of consumption : CBD sweets with different exclusive flavours by Weedeo ! Combine delicacy and CBD’s benefits and indulge in one of these delicious flavours !


Discover the effects of CBD in all delicacy !

If you like CBD and cannabidiol’s effects and/or have a sweet tooth, Weedeo CBD sweets are made for you ! Discover flavours of mulberry, raspberry, Yuzu and cola in sweets containing CBD, for an efficient and tasty mode of CBD’s consumption. 

Every CBD sweet of the Weedeo series contains 14mg of cannabidiol, for a relaxing and immediate effect, every time you eat a sweet ! CBD sweets are convenient, since you can carry them discreetly everywhere, and CBD sweets are healthy, an ideal way to fulfill your CBD consumption all through the day or meet an occasional desire or need !

CBD Sweets : enjoy an efficient and tasty relaxation !

An active principle derived from hemp flower (cannabis), cannabidiol (CBD) has positive effects and well-known benefits on the body. 

Fighting stress and anxiety thanks to a relaxing effect but also counteracting insomnia, CBD can also reduce muscular and chronic pains, through the human body’s endocannabinoidal receptors. Oral CBD consumption through CBD sweets therefore allows to deliver its relaxing effects to the body in an efficient, tasty and playful way.

FAQ : Your questions about Weedeo CBD Sweets

When CBD is consumed or ingested in any form (oral, CBD vaping, CBD food etc.), the receptors of the endocannabinoidal system, located in all the human body, start acting and the effects of CBD appear. The CBD then provides analgesic and relaxing effects to the body, without psychoactive action or addiction (the CBD does not settle on brain receptors).

The CBD sweets of the Weedeo series, available on Liquideo Station, are made in France, out of natural extracts and a high-quality, lab-controlled CBD. Every sweet, available in a 25-unit pack, contains 14mg of CBD, an ideal dose to start feeling the effects of CBD or experience cannabidiol while controlling the administered dose.

Since there’s no accounting for taste, find on our website Mulberry CBD sweets, Yuzu (Asian fruit) CBD sweets, specialties of CBD sweets taste cola as well as the delicious raspberry-flavoured CBD sweets ! In every one of these sweets, 14mg of CBD are incorporated to deliver you a soothing and relaxing effect every time ! Give yourself a treat !

Like all CBD products available on Liquideo Station (CBD Wpuff, CBD Dab Pen, CBD cartridges etc.), Weedeo CBD sweets scrupulously respect French legislation on the subject. CBD sweets thus contain less than 0.3 % THC, in accordance with French and European laws.



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