Evolution Classico E-liquids 

The Evolution Classico E Liquid collection from Liquideo includes a variety of classy options, including a range of blondes, browns, and menthol tobacco aromas.

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Choose From the Evolution Classico E Liquid Collection : a lot of tobacco's flavours !

A collection of modern classics, this range features mild tobacco and dark tobacco varieties that won't knock you out, but will provide a smooth hit of flavour, all the way down. The electronic cigarettes in the Evolution Classico E Liquid range take their inspiration from global culture, with American, British, and French types, all of them infused with subtle classic tastes like mint, vanilla, or hazelnut. PG/VG ratios are generally in the 70/30 ballpark, and strengths vary from 2/5 upwards. These are definitely e-liquid tobacco blends for connoisseurs, with premium characteristics.