Red fruit E liquids 

Liquideo is a brand that aims to impress with designer electronic cigarette liquids and related products. Their main goal is to provide a unique experience with each e-liquid flavour thus the variety of products. A pleasant, aromatic taste, the red fruit E liquid is a fruity flavour that will tease your taste buds. 

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Red fruit E liquid on Liquideo

There are several collections with the red fruit aroma under Liquideo. The Bloody Frutti and Liquideo Chew It collections boast of the red fruit savour. The Choochoo range combines an assortment of fruit aromas including the bold red fruit taste while El Gringo collection blends a range of fruit combinations with the aim to create an explosive tang. Other collections under Liquideo that make use of this fruitful essence include FramboyzFute, Smart and MadoofNatacha, The Red and Pink Dragon.