Become a distributor

Designers, distributors and wholesaler of e-liquid for electronic cigarettes, our expertise is multidisciplinary. Today, we are committed to share it with our partnerships. At Liquideo, you will always find a solution to answer your needs in term of distribution, production or creation and this wherever you are a reseller, franchiser, independent or wholesaler.


A large catalogue

Pioneer in the vape market since 2013, we have the widest panel of flavours on the international market with more than 500 references available in our catalogue. A large choice of 130 flavours that you will find through our different collections to satisfy a large group of vapers, from beginners to the most experienced. Every day, our experts in aroma and our chemists redouble of ingenuity to propose e-liquids of quality, always more pleasant to vape.

Prestigious partnership

We work in collaboration with well-known artists like Kenzo Takada and Julien Marinetti. These exclusive and limited collections reflect our shared passion for art and creativity.


Big capacity of production

Our laboratory is equipped of the latest generation material. Indeed, we own different refuelling units, giving us a big capacity of production to guarantee an immediate availability of our products.

Our production chain is composed of a research & development laboratory, of a quality control, packaging, labelling as well as a transport expedition service allowing us to answer all your demands between 24 and 48 hours.

This allows us to answer to all our customer’s needs, numbers grow each year wherever it is in France or across the world.

Adapted price list

Each customer deserves to have an adapted answer to their needs and expectations. Our team of passionate salesmen are available to answer to your daily demands. Our big production capacity allows us to guarantee you an interesting price that will completely defy any competition.

Become more than just a wholesaler

Personal customization is in the spotlight at Liquideo. Today, we wish to leverage all our know-how and knowledge on the market, creating for you, exclusive collections.

You are a small shop and you are looking to stand out to your local competition? You are a big online wholesaler and you are looking at creating yourself a full-blown corporate identity? Liquideo suggests the Private Label to help you through all the necessary steps to commercialize your own brand. From the production of e-liquids to the creation of packaging, we offer to leverage our brilliant expertise and our core business.


Make your orders online

Visit your professional space. Real-time control on our stock, make your orders and make the most of your 24 to 48 hours delivery.

Check your order’s status at any time of day through your account.

The vape market is growing so therefore asks for full-time reactivity and we take the responsibility to limit your waiting time and boost your turnover.

For your POD’s, flyers, posters, check your personal account and order them without cost.

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