Liquideo, original and 100% French e-liquid supplier

Our position as world leaders in the e-liquid market is the fruit of our engagement on the quality of products used, a large choice of flavours and a sense of creativity. Within the current regulatory compliances.

Creativity as leitmotiv

We own 130 authentic flavours with more than 500 references in our catalogue. From Classic to fruity, to mentholated, without forgetting the tasty gourmet ones, all these choices are available to satisfy all profiles of vapers.

Our flavourists team keep on experimenting many flavours through innovative formulas to create new blends with a unique personality.

La créativité comme leitmotiv

100% French Quality

Every day, our chemists develop e-liquids of quality in our Parisian laboratory.

Concerning the composition of our e-liquids, we only use aromas that are certified to be food quality or natural aromas. We do not use any toxic or superfluous products that might alter the proper functioning of your electronic cigarette or your health.

Propylene Glycol and vegetable glycerine used are certified to be food quality and we do not use any diacetyl or paraben or ambrox. Regarding our Weedeo collection, we use natural terpenes that allow you to feel all the shades.

Our selection of aromas and raw materials are submitted at the approbation of our quality department and is the subject of continuous control at an independent analysis laboratory.

Our productions are systematically followed by an analysis exam which allows us to guarantee you a superior quality of e-liquids answering to all current health security standards.

Regulatory compliances and applicable regulations

Our products are in accordance with the TPD reglementations (Tobacco Products Directive) of 2016. Certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Process), ISO 22716, ISO 8317 (on child resistant packaging). The labels respect the current legislations and reglementations of each country.

Our products are frequently controlled by the DGCCRF, which assures you a total traceability of our e-liquids. You will find the labels and safety data sheet of each product.

La créativité comme leitmotiv

Composition of our e-liquids?

- propylene glycol from France quality PE/UPS (European union pharmacopeia /United States pharmacopeia) – 99,5% purity

- vegetable glycerine certified BIO ecovert PE/UPS (European union pharmacopeia /United States pharmacopeia) – 99,5% purity

- Nicotine from European Union. (European union pharmacopeia /United States pharmacopeia / FDA USA Food and Drugs administration) – 99% purity

- Food quality aromas, made in France, America and Malaysia.