Liquideo Story

Liquideo Story

Michael & Franck

Michael and Franck the founders

Michael Belhassen and Franck Boubli are before anything else a 20-year-old friendship. These two autodidacts and natural-born entrepreneurs have each made their own exceptional professional careers. First, in France in the 90’s, then in New-York and London for Michael whereas Franck moves to Los Angeles. Michael first made his marks in the telephony market and then in the textile industry. Regarding Franck, he made his first steps in the publishing world. He then heads towards the marketing of electronic components. Franck’s dream finally comes true: living in the United States and taking a plunge into building luxury villas in Malibu, California.

By 2010, he comes back to France and seizes a brand-new opportunity: Teeth whitening. Franck decides to open his laboratory in the heart of Paris. He manages to convince Michael to take care of the products distribution, and knowing his sense of communication, trusts him with the marketing and promotion of the products.
Immediate success, the teeth whitening adventure soon becomes a national success: Franck’s laboratory, a reference point. Michael’s success follows with his distribution company.

Genesis - 2013

Genesis - 2013
It’s when he first goes to buy an electronic cigarette and his first e-liquids in a Clopinette store, that the idea gradually grew in Michael’s mind. He soon notices that the components of the e-liquids are very similar to those they use for their teeth whitening company. With Franck’s trust, they take the plunge in this new market. Franck’s taking care of the finances and Michael the strategic marketing. Another childhood friend joins them, Ruben Messica, to take care of the production. Liquideo is born, the magic operates and the first Liquideo collection is launched, Origine.
Business challenges  - 2016

Business challenges - 2016

Michael takes over Liquideo. With the arrival of the TPD, the challenges become numerous. The tightening of the legislation allows the vape market to be better regulated. Regulatory compliance and product quality are obviously the main priorities of Liquideo. After some minor adjustments, challenges are overcome with efficiency. This consolidates Liquideo’s leader position.

Sylvain Belhassen over takes Liquideo’s financial department. It was time to reorganise business offers, catching up on the legal level and the consolidation of the achievements. Despite all the obstacles faced, Liquideo keeps going forward. The company continues to progress beyond French borders. Bet is won, even though many other battles are to fight.

Flawless balance sheet - 2017

Flawless balance sheet - 2017
Production experiences a second wind and becomes extremely effective under Ruben’s initiatives. A flexible and highly reactive industry allows a time of adaptation for any last changes of the market like the evolution of international legislations. In just a few months, a large panel of flavours see the day. The Weedeo collection knows a great success finishing the year 2017 on a high note!

Sylvain leads on all fronts the investment issue of the company to realize all of Michael’s dreams for Liquideo.
The apogee - 2018

The apogee - 2018

Challenges are various and ambitious for this new year to come. It is essential to confirm our position as leaders but also to seduce new vapers.

For this, Liquideo can count on their chemists Deepak and Melvin. Their inventiveness has led to create brand-new original flavours. By the way, they are the ones to whom we owe the subtle blend of terpenes that have made a fantastic success of Weedeo.

To develop new projects of production, investment will be made for a new laboratory in February in Bastille-Paris: the Liquideo Factory. More spacious and very modern, this premise will be the ground home of creation to our chemists. For the anecdote, the name “Liquideo Factory” is a hint to Andy Warhol.

The diversification is also planned for this year. Indeed, a new generation of e-cigarette will soon be available: EPOP by Liquideo. A concentrate of technologies inspired by the needs of the actual market: efficacity and longevity at a very reasonable price. Finally, we did not miss the DIY trend! We are booking you a very big surprise in the months to come with the launching of an unpublished collection that will allow you to create your own e-liquids from A to Z.



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