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A website devoted to electronic cigarettes, Liquideo Station is your meeting place to exclusively discover all the new flavours and specialties of Wpuffs, single-use e-cigarettes, and much more ! 


On Liquideo Station, you have access to the whole range of Liquideo Wpuffs, at exclusive prices, by the unit or in 10-Wpuff packs !

 You’ll also discover CBD Wpuffs and their highly original scents developed by Liquideo, combining cannabidiol’s salutary effects and original puff tastes ! 

For CBD consumers, the Weedeo CBD Dab Pen and a selection of high-quality CBD sweets are also available. 


On Liquideo Station, ensuring the products’ quality, beyond their traceability and legality, is necessary but not sufficient. Bringing satisfaction and an authentic service to all our customers is a priority, in order to make you discover the world of a tasty, convenient and fun vaping !



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