Personalize your Puff

Create the event with your personalized Puff!

A special occasion? A major event ? A creative idea?

On Liquideo Station, we offer you the possibility to personalize the design of your favorite puff, in order to adapt it to your tastes and desires! A single-use electronic cigarette, the Wpuff allows for a convenient vaping experience, enjoying 600 (or 2000) puffs of the associated puff flavor.

Unlike a classic electronic cigarette, the Wpuff allows direct use, without maintenance or the need to refill e-liquid. You benefit from an exclusive puff taste, developed for the associated Wpuff throughout your vaping moment. 

Choose your favorite flavors from the puffs available on Liquideo Station and adapt your electronic cigarettes according to your visual tastes and the universe adapted to your event! 

The "Wpuff Event", your personalized puff, is a world of visual possibilities opening up to you, in order to create, quite simply, your unique and personal range of puffs !

Want to create an original goodies from the puff universe? 

Vaping enthusiast looking for the personalized accessory that will satisfy the participants of a specific event?

Create your "Wpuff event" by choosing all its characteristics (taste, format, visual aspect) on Liquideo Station!



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